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Municipal budgetary institution,
Administration of Radviliskis District
Register of Legal Entities
Office code 188726247
Ausros sq. 10, 82196, Radviliskis
Tel. (+370) 422 69 003, fax. (+370) 422 69 000
E-mail - informacija@radviliskis.lt
The film about Radviliškis district

Radviliškis district is in the central part of Lithuania, purportedly in the heart of Lithuania. Its main artery is the railway, which dates the history and development of the region, and points to present growth.

The biggest town of the region is Radviliškis, which counts almost a half of a thousand year history, however, the region has the places which refer to even older ages. The town founded at the beginning of the 16th century was governed by the Radvilas the family of famous dukes at that time. The name of the town is deemed to have been derived from that nobel family.

While independent Lithuania was developing, The Bermondt’s army of united Germans and Russians troops walked in our country from Latvia. Having occupied the northern part of Lithuania they started to show disfavor to the creating independent country, Lithuania. Till present days the extant stonework windmill reminds Lithuanian volunteers ‘ hard fought and victorious battles with Bermondt’s army in 1919.

Radviliškis started to grow fast in the nineteenth century when the first railway lanes were driven. Today the railway junction is the one of the largest and oldest in Lithuania. There are twelve neighbourhoods, two towns, ten small towns and four hundred and twenty villages in the municipality of Radviliškis district.

The geographical position of the region is very advantageous as all the biggest towns of Lithuania and all other Baltic as well as European countries can be easily reached. Thus most passenger and goods transits cross Radviliškis every day.

Radviliškis district is astonishing Lithuania. It is small but it is advancing very fast. The district is cosy for people to live as well as it is open to their initiatives. A great attention is paid to the fields of transport, education, medicine, water supply and outflows, culture as well as sport, tourism and historic heritage to improve the people’s welfare and to encourage entrepreneurship.

There is always created and developed advantageous environment for business and investment in Radviliškis: small and mid-sized business is promoted, the entrepreneurs’ initiatives, services promoting establishment of enterprises, their development and competitive ability are supported.

The main ways of business are the manufacturing of metal and wood, production of furniture, sewing garments, production of machinery and peat extraction in the district. There are about 600 enterprises, about a thousand and a half entrepreneurs work using a business certificate. The municipality supports newly established enterprises. Every year it is allocated ninety thousand litas for stimulating business in the region.

The information centre of State Social Insurance Fund Board of the Republic of Lithuania SODRA, which services all Lithuanians, is located in Radviliškis. You can make a call for the information dialing short number 1883. The inhabitants from the whole Lithuania receive the information about allowances, pensions, benefits, insurance fees of the assured and insured, in addition they can receive all answers for different social insurance questions.

One of the greatest investments of Radviliškis district is Close Stock Company ‘Juodeliai’, which is the most modern wood processing manufactory among the Baltic countries and Poland, which is established in a special area for investments. This company has provided a lot of work places for the native inhabitants and invested more than 40 million litas.

In the recent years Radviliškis district municipality has given great attention to the educational institutions of the district municipality, the projects for the energy consumption of their buildings and improving its efficiency. Moreover, the repairing of the public spaces and adjusting to the community’s needs have been an important task for the municipality. Now the educational institutions are modern and sophisticated, rooms are suitable to the community’s needs. What is more, development projects of sports infrastructure devoted to district ‘s communities are being implemented.

42 district local communities are very active in creating new work places in the rural areas. They implement quite a lot of projects for the development of communities’ life quality. New community homes invite to take up different activities as well as other activities in the rural areas are encouraged. The people in rural areas grow and sell ecological products, organize different educational programmes.

The biggest area of Radviliškis district is covered with forests and cultivable lands, the latter is not left for lying waste by active and inventive natives of Radviliškis. Their diligence and local good soil have made an advanced district in the country under the size of production of meat, milk and grains. It is the one among the five advanced districts in Lithuania. The main activities in the district are the breeding of cows, pigs and sheep, growing of grains and sugar-beets, production of meat and milk. The farmers also start less popular agriculture industries such as breeding horses, growing snails, minks, fallow-deer, quails, earthworms and beekeeping. There are no uncultivated fields in the district, all land is used to produce agricultural production.

The stockbreeding institute of the Lithuanian veterinary academy was established in Baisogala’s manour where long-term scientific researches are done. The researches study the improvement of cattle breeding, development of the methods for selection and breeding, preservation of gene pool of the old species, moreover, the institute studies the problems of cattle’s nourishment, feeding, production and preparation of forage. Here is also established the state enterprise ‘Šeduvos avininkystė‘, which is the main preserver in Lithuania of gene pool of blackhead sheep species.

Radviliškis district can boast of interesting and rich nature as there are 10 nature reserves and eight preserved parks. It is a forested and peaty region, it covers 45 hectares of forests and peatbog, which is admired for the extant unique flora and fauna. Radviliškis district has got a lot of beautiful, interesting, tourist attraction places. The most famous ones are Daugyvenė museum reserve of cultural history and the manors of Šeduva, Raudondvaris, Baisogala and Burbiškis.

Today the inhabitants of Radviliškis district can enjoy smartened streets, a modern sports gym, drink cleaner water, read in the renovated library, learn to use the most modern information technologies, improve their communicative and cooperative skills. New supermarkets are arising, the service sector is expanding, communities are being established, which need not only work but festivals. These festivals are known not only here but also outside the region. The stories can be heard about a convivial Shrove Tuesday in Kleboniškis village, moreover people are attracted by the traditional town’s birthday festival which is held every year. The horse show jumping competition, folk festivals and the festival of tulips should also be mentioned.

Radviliškis region is a unique district in the central part of Lithuania, which fosters deep agricultural traditions. It is always open to innovative business ideas and investment, continually changing and attractive. The region is hospitable to guests and tourists. We are inviting to visit Radviliškis district, learn about this beautiful region and its sincere, honest people.

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